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                We extend to you all the hospitality of Jesus Christ. We hope this website will become your “one-stop” fellowship. We call special attention to all words highlighted in orange. These hyper-links are provided for your convenience. Just “click” and be instantly transported to another page. Every Scripture reference is linked to our fabulous Study Resource page for immediate research. Now enjoy!


  1. Light of Day- Our daily offering of fresh insight and inspiration.

  2. Past Issues – a complete file of previous Light of Day offerings (up to a year).

  3. Light out of Darkness – information on how to receive our mail-out that presents more in-depth studies.

  4. Study Resources – an awesome, extensive library for all your Scripture research.
    Here are featured 5 Bible translations (plus Lexicons of New Testament Greek
    and Old Testament Hebrew), 4 Bible concordances, 10 Bible commentaries
    and 6 Bible dictionaries.

  5. Kingdom Light Newsletter– Entries received from all of God's people including:

    • All available information on Kingdom conferences

    • Praiseworthy testimonies and anecdotes

    • True Words of Knowledge, Wisdom or Encouragement

    • Anointed poetry

    • Edifying insights or expositions of Scripture (up to 250 words)

    • Exerpts from public domain resources

    • Bits of Godly humor

    • A chance to “sound off” in our Letters to the Ministry column with
      constructive comments about previous Newsletter features.

            [ All submissions will be chosen as the result of prayer, available space, and
             especially, what we feel will glorify God and edify the Body of Christ. ]

  6. Prayer Requests – An opportunity to share burdens or intercrssions for others.

  7. Ministry Network – A referral service for other Kingdom ministries.

  8. About this Ministry – A brief history of how Kingdom Light Ministries began.

  9. Feedback – Comments, words of encouragement, or questions from our readers.

  10. Fellowship Chat – Join your brethren in LIVE fellowship!
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