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Welcome! My name is Carole Forde.

                    In 1974, a year after moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, God called me out of the world where I was a professional entertainer to begin a walk with Jesus Christ. A year later I was baptized in water; and shortly thereafter I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. That same year the Lord led me out of the Catholic Church forever and into an interfaith church that met in a famous hotel-casino. But soon afterward I was led to another nondenominational group where I began to move in a ministry of music that would last two years.
                   In 1977, the Lord called me out of “organized religion” completely, to begin a home fellowship where I continued a music ministry, but also began to receive and share anointed understanding of the Word. As the revelations grew deeper, the Lord set me in a permanent place as a teacher; but with the understanding that our only true Minister was the Holy Spirit and our gatherings would always be open to anyone with an anointed offering. Accordingly He spoke to my heart one day that He had called me to be a “teacher of  teachers”; and that this “Seed-company” would bear much fruit for His Kingdom. True to His Word, I have been privileged to watch these blessed brethren bud and grow as teachers in their own right.
                   After 22 years of sharing in what has expanded to two different home fellowships of Kingdom believers, Father revealed in 1999, it was now His Will and Pleasure to expand this work from a local ministry to a world wide outreach, so that many more thirsting souls could drink of these Living Waters. He named us “KINGDOM LIGHT MINISTRIES” so we could expand to encompass contributions from all other anointed Kingdom Builders.
                    MATERIALS OFFERED HERE MUST BE FREE OF CHARGE for we believe that God freely shares His Word with all who ask, therefore His people must do likewise. It is His sovereign responsibility to safeguard His sacred Word; as well as to supply all the needed support for His ministry. If He should ever withhold His divine provision from this work, it would simply discontinue. At that time we would have to say, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord.” ( Jb 1:21 ) But till such a time, we will continue to labor faithfully and joyfully in this precious Vineyard.
                   I invite you to take advantage of all the wonderful features presented at this website. For a quick overview of every point of interest, please go to our Welcome Page.

  God bless you;
grow in Grace.
Carole Forde

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