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Part One


If you belong to an organized church, you have heard (and heard and heard) how Jesus Christ died on a cross to save you! This is Christianity's Good News! But there is even Greater News for anyone chosen by God to "Go on to Perfection!" (Heb 6:1)

Perfection in Greek here means: "To finish, fulfill, complete, consecrate, and consummate!" A man and woman "consummate" a marriage through physical intimacy. In the spiritual language of the Bible, male typifies SPIRIT and female typifies SOUL ; so the physical union of a natural husband and wife represent the spiritual intimacy of the Spirit and soul!

1 Cor 6:17 says, "He that is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT." Greek for joined , is: "To cleave or be glued!" Rom 12:9 says, "Cleave to that which is GOOD!" But Jesus said , "There is none that is GOOD but One, and He is GOD!" (Mk 10:8)

In Zec 2:11 God says, "Many nations will be joined to the Lord...and they will be My people! For

I will live in the midst of you; and you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent Me to you." This foretells the coming of the Messiah Who would declare to us in Jn 6:63,


What does this mean? Paul said, "Natural man cannot receive the things of the SPIRIT of GOD! They are foolishness to him because they are SPIRITUALLY discerned!" (1 Cor 2:14) Immature Christians denounce the Kingdom Gospel because they cannot spiritually discern its meaning!! Some understand, but reject it because of the high cost it carries with it! So in order to support their position, they seek out "experts of unbelief" on the matter, to bolster their dark reasoning!!

This calls to mind an incident involving the precious sister who led me to Christ, and taught me beginning Truths. When God baptized me in the Holy Spirit (which this sister did not believe in) she brought me three typewriten pages of Scriptures to "prove" that the Baptism of the Spirit ended at Pentecost with the apostles! But for all her "evidence" to the contrary,


The Pharisees tried to tell a healed blind man that he did not receive any Miracle from Jesus, whom they called a sinner; but the man said, "I don’t know whether or not He is a sinner, but this I do know: I was blind, but now I see!!" (Jn 9:25) And so it is with the call to Sonship! All chosen ones know their experience; and none can make them deny it! They just go on rejoicing in their God-given Revelations of Christ and His Kingdom for these last days!   

How do sons gain such a rich, spiritual "experience"? Rom 5:4 says, "We glory in tribulation; for we know tribulation works patience; patience works experience; experience brings hope; and hope makes us not ashamed, therefore, the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts!"

Satan has paralyzed many believers today with the dread-word, "tribulation"! Their fear denies

and rejects Christ's Words: "In this world, you SHALL have TRIBULATION !" (Jn 16:33) And the teachings of Paul, "We MUST enter the Kingdom of God, through * GREAT TRIBULATION !!" (Ac 14:22) [*Some translations say "much"; but the Greek translation here also means "great"!]

Men’s hearts turn stony with fear as if "great tribulation" is ungodly! But if God says we "must" partake of it, don’t we know He will get us through it? Wasn’t He in the lions’ den with Daniel? Wasn’t He in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Didn’t He provide the ram-substitute for Isaac when Abraham was about to sacrifice him? Wasn’t Christ that Rock of Living Waters that followed the Israelites throughout the wilderness to sustain them? If He was there for them then, isn't He here for us today? Satan has deceived many with the "Rapture-lie" to prevent them from becoming Overcomers who are promised to "inherit all things!" (Rev 21:7) The devil doesn’t want them "TO SIT WITH JESUS ON HIS THRONE OF GLORY!!" (Rev 3:21)

All who are afraid of "sharing Christ’s suffering" will never share Christ’s Glory! Heb 2:10 says, "The Captain of our Salvation was made perfect through sufferings!" and 1 Pet 5:10 adds that "After YOU have suffered a while , the God of all Grace will make make YOU perfect...!" Only a carnal-minded man, in bondage to fear, seeks a "painless perfection"! He doesn’t mind if Jesus sacrificed His Sinless Life for him, but he won’t give up his sinful life for Jesus! Does God want us to be martyred like Stephen? While it could happen to some, that is not what Paul meant as

He said, "I die daily!" (1 Cor 15:31) After all, we can only die once! But the understanding of this when he called his life in this world dung! Especially since it was his self-righteous religious life that caused him to participate in the death of Stephen! How painful the memory of that had to be after Paul had willingly forsaken his old life so that the new Christ Life could live in him!

Beloveds, Jesus did not suffer and die so we could busy ourselves with pot lucks, bingo nights, and serving on committees designed to fill the church pews and church coffers! This becomes a "numbers game"! Did you know that the first time the name, "Satan", appears in Scripture is in 1 Chr 21:1, when "Satan stood up against Israel to provoke David to number Israel!" Do we not know that at Pentecost, it was the Lord who "added to the church DAILY" with no help from men's committees!

The Lord spoke a powerful Rhema in 2013 that we now share with you! May all who have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying!

"I lead people into organized churches to learn that I DIED FOR THEM! But then I lead some out of religious systems into Kingdom fellowships to learn that now, THEY MUST DIE FOR ME !" Are you one of them?

[To be continued]


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