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"Don't worry, fret, or be anxious about anything; but in everything, in every circumstance- through prayers, petitions, and thankful praise- Let your requests be made known to God" (Php 4:6)

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  • April 14 , 2005 - Please pray for:

    1) Betty & Dan & our family

    2) All under our spiritual care -


    coffeehouse ministry to kids & adults

    christian recording studio

    bands and individuals that we record (their ministries,
    escpecially young bands)

    that we will have:

    1) increased self-disicipline in our devotional habits - come to know
    Him more intimately

    2) multiplied grace & strength (spiritual, emotional, & physical -
    enabling power)

    3) peace of mind, heart, & spirit to deal with the pressures of life &

    4) direction & wisdom of God

    5) divine healing & health

    6) discernment, deliverance,& protection from enemy attacks

    7) love each other more deeply with His love

    8) unity of the brethren and be one/unified in the Spirit - no strife

    9) material/financial provision - victory in finances

    10) for us to be good stewards of business

    11) more laborers

    12) complete renunciation of all sin - true consecration & holiness


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